All his life he has felt a compulsion to express himself. When he was four, William Otermans was so mad about drawing that the school advised his parents to take away his drawing book and pencils. For years William suppressed his need to create. While he was studying architecture at university the inner urge became so great, however, that he switched to the art and craft teacher training course.

ontwerpbureau William Otermans

Almost immediately after this he set up his own design agency. Initially William wanted to spend half his time designing interiors, scenery and backdrops for events, and devote the rest to free commissions, specifically to painting. Very little came of this second idea, though. Within no time he was winning commissions from major international businesses like Brand Bierbrouwerij, SCA Tork and St. Gobain Abrasives. When he found that sub-contractors were never able to put across the intention behind his designs satisfactorily, he realized that it was important to take responsibility for implementing them himself. The result was l’Arteaux.


With l’Arteaux William Otermans could create added value by translating the client’s request into an idea and a vision, and carrying it out. This was l’Arteaux’s strength; creating distinctive solutions by building a specific atmosphere. His sensitivity to energy already existed, although he was not fully aware of it then.

ontwerper en kunstenaar

And yet the fact that he could make virtually no time to pursue his calling as an artist without constraint continued to gnaw at him.

Since his company was taken over in 2005, William Otermans has devoted himself wholly to painting. “There was an inner voice that said: ‘there is more’. Listening to it lifts my spirit. It is a familiar feeling that has been with me all my life as a certainty, a safe haven.”

He has always been motivated by tackling something and getting the best out of it. Creating added value has always been part of it. And now he does the same with his paintings.