“I’m an explorer. My travels take me off the beaten track, to deep in my soul, beyond time and space. This way I can see and forge new links. I make reports of these journeys in the form of paintings.”

During TEFAF 2018, I was ‘artist in residence’ at Designhotel Maastricht. What started out as a 10 day period, evolved into a year of working in this pop up studio. I close off this extraordinary year with another ‘during TEFAF’ exhibition: RELIVE.

In this exhibition, I make a connection from the past, via the present to the future. I present works I made in this past year. I also present new perspectives on previous works.

I invite you to ‘relive’ with me.

Opening hours RELIVE:
16-24 March 2019
Daily from 12.00 – 20.00 hrs

Pop up atelier William Otermans Artist
Designhotel Maastricht
Stationsstraat 42, Maastricht


multidimensional energy portraits
including new and previously unpublished work

more about paintings

Moods are interpretations of parts of my paintings. These are smaller works on paper.

more about moods


Work created on the spot.

Food & drink

Breakfast, lunch, high tea and diner.
Supplied by Brasserie Flo.

Clear the table

Various activities, like performances and workshops. Some are planned, others occur spontaneously.

Cross over

How does a painting 'sound' like?

Anna Barkhoudarian, an exceptional soprano, brought a painting to life with her voice. In a cross over, her singing and my painting went into a dialogue. You will find the result in the exhibition.


Cult Buddy

I am Cult Buddy of 2 students at the Bernardinuscollege in Heerlen. Under the flag of Art For Change I offered them an experience in intuitive painting.

about Art For Change

The energy of the kitchen

Chef Kris School took me along his daily work. I expressed this experience in a painting called ‘Going Home’. I challenged Kris to respond to this painting with his art: he created a great menu ‘Going Home’.



In the St series, I address themes that reflect the relationship between art and culture and are bound in the context of religion.

In my temporary ‘residence’ you will find more information about the next step.



MyHometown is the flag under which I explore the issues connected to the region where my roots lie.