The energy portraits unfold a vision of the status quo and also on the future of the orchestra.

The first painting of Fanfare St. Gabriel: “To regain the right tone”, is about a network of connections that enables tones to interact. “Making music together” is Gabriel’s first core value.

The second painting entitled ‘Just, the people behind the music’ is about the second core value of Gabriel, the social aspect of making music together, the warm nest.

Title: “Gabriel says: Atumn, Feathers on a Stool”. The third painting from this series of three is about the future of Fanfare St. Gabriel. “Atumn” refers to breath and to fall. Breath is essential for life and for making wind music. The fall symbolizes a period of recollection which is necessary in order to arrive at a new spring. The new spring refers to Gabriel’s third core value: “we are different”.

The third painting is the starting point for a participation sculpture ‘Atumn’. This sculpture expresses the movement that Gabriel wants to make; they spread their wings, ready for flight. It is also a reference to the archangel Gabriel whose name the orchestra bears. Supporters can donate a feather to this sculpture for a fee, and thus support Gabriel by “blowing air under his feathers”. All donated feathers become part of the sculpture.

Art is the incentive for learning to see in a different way; to initiate a movement from within, leading to a future-proof concept for a traditional wind orchestra.

The orchestra is introduced to the first painting in a “cutout rehearsal.” A personally chosen fragment of the painting serves as sheet music for the individual musicians. The musicians improvise on the basis of this fragment, with an interesting musical result.

This was a first exercise in letting yourself be guided by what is outside the usual framework and also an exercise in playing by ear. For some, an uncomfortable challenge, for others, a fresh approach. For all, an exciting experiment.

A new form of interaction at the end of the “cutout rehearsal”: making a puzzle with the fragments chosen by the musicians, without first seeing the painting. Good teamwork brings an appropriate result.

Chairman Roel Debie: “Maybe the best direction we have gone into as an orchestra, is that we increasingly hear from those around us, even from our own members, that a new energy is palpable. People feel that there is a new wind blowing and that there is a different energy in the club at the moment. This new energy is also felt by quite a number of people from outside our club, because over the past year we have welcomed as many as 28 new members, of which 12 are students. We hope to make these new members a part of this process. For me personally this process is very enriching.” (May 2015)