‘Bouncewish’ is a project about the liberty to learn, along with all ups and downs attached to it.

It brings into our consciousness that institutions like schools and churches offer a lot of safe directions in our lives, but can also ‘shield’ us from having essential learning experiences. Like an umbrella, which very nicely protects you from the rain, but also prevents you from becoming wet.

The painting “It’s Raining Empty Souls, Bouncewish To Get Wet” is the source of inspiration for this project. With this painting, the artist added a word to our vocabulary: a ‘bouncewish’ is a deeply felt desire of which you think it is your birthright. From this painting, the sculpture ‘plu’ (‘umbrella’) emerged. ‘Plu’ invites you to express your bouncewish on a ribbon. All the ribbons become part of ‘plu’. Since 2012, ‘plu’ is on a tour to collect ‘bouncewishes’ in schools and other institutions.