Danza Con Luce Liquida

- Titia Vellenga -

One beautiful day in August 2016, Dutch artist William Otermans delivered my finished portrait. I hadn’t seen the painting before, though I knew that it wouldn’t be anything like a physical resemblance. He called it a multidimensional energy portrait. It was hard for me to imagine how this would look. I was curious and felt nervous when I removed the picture’s protective cover. A waterfall of colours and abstract forms emerged. It was blue, interspersed with gold and orange. Orange! How was that possible? read more

Acrylic on canvasSolidified energy

- Martijn Kagenaar -

It’s not what you’d call an everyday scene. On a late Monday afternoon in March, I called on an artist. Just two weeks before, Titia Vellenga had put me on the track of William Otermans. I remembered the name. Years ago I tried to tempt Otermans to read more

Martijn Kagenaar (1968, Nijmegen) is a psychologist. As director at the Maastricht bureau Zuiderlicht, he is specialized in identity, brand positioning and strategic design.He is founder of PechaKucha Maastricht and is chairman of Debatcentrum Sphinx and Lichting Zuid. Loves cycling, film, photo and fantastic music.