I want to get wet,soaking wet.I want to explore life and learn with the full package given by the creator.That’s my ‘bouncewish’.


A ‘bouncewish’ is a deeply felt desire of which you feel it is your birthright.

It’s Raining Empty Souls,Bouncewish To Get Wet

It’s Raining Empty Souls, Bouncewish To Get Wet

“It’s Raining Empty Souls, Bouncewish To Get Wet” is the title of the painting in which I gave expression to this wish.
This moment I was aware of the pain of lacking the gift, able to pronounce what it was and I also saw the way to a solution.

The trinity of art, spirituality and science is the core of our culture.

To live the full package, we have to reunite the trinity of art, science and spirituality. Rather, the acceptance of the existence of this trinity.I feel it as my mission to contribute to this acceptance. We have to restore the positions and re-evaluate the content of these three concepts.

This is the place where new insights arrive. Culture is the way we do things, fed by the way we see things.


This puts the relation between art and culture in perspective. They are aligned by the universal laws; art affects culture by impulses with encrypted messages.

That is what I do with my paintings. I work from this trinity. My paintings have the DNA and narrative force to bring insights, to change the way we see things. A contribution to a higher consciousness.